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Atrium Lift RentalAtrium Lift Rental

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An atrium lift is a lift that does what other man lifts can’t do. It can be used and go indoors through a single door and doesn’t weigh enough to damage sensitive flooring or go crashing through to the lower levels.  Generically named “atrium” to bring to mind expansive open spaces inside buildings: grand lobbies, capital domes, majestic cathedrals, great mall foyers, glass ceilinged common areas overlooked by floors of offices and walkways; these are the specialty of the atrium lift.  When these lofty spaces rise upward past forty or fifty or sixty feet in height, we leave behind the realm suited to ladders and scissor lifts and move to the realm of scaffolding and atrium lifts.
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more about Atrium Lifts

An atrium lift differs from most other man-lifts in many ways.  Within the lift rental industry are many types of aerial lifts or man lifts.  Boom lifts, often known as “cherry pickers” are designed to raise a worker to a specific height and can be driven and operated from the work platform.  Because of their weight, size, and design, these lifts can telescope and rotate out quite a distance from the base and reach out over the top of obstacles and terrain on which they are not be suited to be driven.  Another type of man lift is the scissor lift.  This is a man lift the designed with a larger work platform, a much smaller base, and is designed for working at lower heights than the boom lift.  The scissor lift can also be driven from the work platform but this lift just goes straight up and down with most of the models designed to be used on smooth, hard, even surfaces. Another option is a bit of a combination of these two and it is often referred to as a knuckle boom.  The base and mobility is configured like a telescoping boom lift, but the height is achieved through a series of opposing “knuckle” joints that raise and lower the work platform not unlike the way your ankle, knee, and hip joints work to raise and lower you from a squatting to a standing position and back again.  Many of these lifts have a telescoping top section that can push the work platform out and away from the base.  This lift is more compact than the telescoping boom and more versatile than the scissor lift.  What I have described here is the broadest overview of some of the most common man lifts you’ll see.  Each has its place and special use.

But the need has arisen for another type of lift. One that we described on the home page.

Some buildings have designed special doors to provide access into these areas for larger booms, and have designed floor loading to accommodate the 24,000 to 45,000 pounds that these larger booms weigh or have designed special access to these upper areas through ceiling access and have tracks encircling the area to rappel from.  But, where: access height is seventy or eighty or ninety feet, floor loading is limited to say 8,000 or 9,000 lbs or 30 –70 psi, access into this area is limited to a double door, or even a single door, the options for reaching that ceiling height for lamp replacement, high window cleaning, high dusting, or maintenance and repairs…for these areas, access options are very limited.  The atrium lift provides a low impact option to scaffolding.  This lift can be brought in, deployed, and be in use in a couple hours – no long set up for scaffold.  We can barricade just a certain area at a time to limit impact to your building’s traffic.  If there is a place to store the lift during the day, it can be used after hours, folded up, put away, and be completely out sight during the day when your building is full of tenants and customers.

If you are considering high work inside your building and your building sounds like the type I have described, get a price for scaffolding, and then give me a call and see if we can save you some time, hassle, and money.

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